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Welcome To Delora Foundation

Helping People
Delora Foundation has been established as a charity organization to support those who are underprivileged, especially from the rural areas of Sri Lanka. Our vision is to provide them with basic needs and rights and give them the life which they deserve. We have gathered a team of support for this cause and are also open up for more volunteers and donors to support this cause. We hope to spread our wings of support to the entire nation as one. Our work involves dealing with a wide variety of people from all over Sri Lanka.
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Our Recent Causes

Poor people are at high risk of severe malnutrition & no education

Education Development

Every child has a right for proper education. By this we strive to provide the basic requirements which are needed for children to start up with primary education and continue towards higher education. It may come in the form of providing them with books, stationery and other material essentials to ensure that they have proper teaching resources and the personnel to make it happen.

Rural Agriculture

We make sure farmers have access to the right kind of equipment such as tractors, materials and resources such as fertilizer and the like to bring up their crops and have a fertile agricultural environment. Through this we not only serve these individuals but also the country as a whole by bringing up the agricultural sector of the nation. We believe that a fertile nation is where prosperity lies.

SME Empowerment

A major part of the rural areas are filled with people who run their daily lives with what they earn from SMEs. They may lack many of the needs which are required to bring up these enterprises. We are looking for those who are in these enterprises and need a helping hand to improve these in leaps and bounds. It would be a service done not only for them but also for the future of our country.

Animal Farms

Many of the Sri Lankan villagers living in the rural areas have animal farms out of which they provide their daily needs either directly or indirectly by selling them to others. We make it a priority to help these individuals with what they require to help maintain and grow the animal farms. We provide financial support to take care of the animals and keep them going with the farms on a long term basis.

Disaster Management

We are here to help manage any kind of crisis or emergency situation which arises anywhere in the country. It is our duty to make sure the situation is under control and to provide relief to all those who are affected, either financially or through our services. We are ready to provide the necessary materials which might be needed at such a time to bring everything back to normal.

Medical devices and related products

Medication and medical facilities are required in many ways for a majority of individuals. People are in constant need of medical devices and prescription medications due to various ailments that have become so common these days. We are dedicated in providing quality medical equipment and medications to those who need the same. We also focus on providing devices which are required by disabled persons to carry on with their daily tasks at the most comfortable level.

What We Do

We are a non-profit charitable organization always ready to help out people in different kinds of situations. We are focused on providing relief to those who are in need under these categories;
Our team is ready to meet people individually giving a personal touch and approach to the work we do. We are always on our toes to reach out to those in need anytime, even during crisis and emergency situations.
Our holistic approach to treating people, mindsets and situations enables us to help out under various conditions to provide relief in many ways.
There are many people without access to medical equipment and related products all around Sri Lanka. We work on providing such individuals, especially the disabled, with medical devices and tablets required by them. It is in our best interest to help serve them to uplift their lives and become a source of comfort to them. Our foundation provides medical devices, various related equipment and prescription medicines and also helps out people to uplift their agricultural products, animal farms and empower Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).
Education is the key to a comfortable lifestyle and we ensure this right is given to each and every child in Sri Lanka. Our foundation focuses on education development of underprivileged children to help build their lives up to standard.
We also focus on disaster management especially during crisis and emergency situation. We ensure adequate relief is provided to the affected people and also provide out support in bringing the situation under control.
We strive to fulfil the basic needs and rights of people who belong to a low income category. Through this we hope to build a prosperous society free of ethnic and communal crisis and spread peace throughout the island. We hope to bring up all communities together throughout Sri Lanka by the many programs we hope to conduct in the upcoming months and years.
Sri Lanka has a multi ethnic community consisting of people belonging to many different categories of financial and social statuses. We as a foundation hope to bring all of these categories in to one by building bridges over the same. The donations we receive are focused on this and through this we hope to eradicate poverty all over the island.
There are many rural villages in Sri Lanka with people who are struggling to meet their daily needs. It all begins with providing the correct foundation of education for each and every child in these villages. This has become a must do activity in these rural and remote areas.
We also need to look at the hygienic side of these villages to see if people are exposed to their basic needs and wants. We pay attention to giving them the life they deserve in the form of the most basic needs, with comfort being a priority. They need to be focused on a long term objective in the form of empowering their SMEs, farms, agriculture etc.
There are a considerable number of individuals who have various disabilities in the country. This may be due to birth defects or tragic incidents. Whatever the circumstances are, we work on helping these people in providing them the medical facilities such as equipment and prescription medications which they require to completely heal or get some sort of assistance to get along with their daily lives. Through this we hope to help these disabled individuals to overcome obstacles in life and to provide a service to their mother nation. We also hope to help out anyone who is in need of medical devices or medications to heal themselves, recover and bring back their lives to a normal state.
We hope to build a better Sri Lanka for our children!